Get Inspired to Set Your Voice Free ~ For Love. For Life.

About & Contact

If I were to create a résumé, it would be scrawled on a piece of sheet music. With a
big, swooping treble clef next to my name: Rachel Bagby, J.D.

It would include a number of positions, titles & roles. Graduate of Stanford Law School. Poetic innovator & creator of Dekaaz Facilitation™. Meditation instructor at IMS, Spirit Rock, the Omega & the Garrison Institutes. Co-founder of Metanoiaa. International speaker & author of Divine Daughters: Liberating the Power and Passion of Women’s Voices. Soprano in Bobby McFerrin’s original international touring ensemble, Voicestra. Vibralinguist. Wall Street Journal reporter. Choral activist and composer.

Whether immersed in the harmonic joy of leading a choral rehearsal, or
articulating the wonders of a community into ten perfect syllables, the thread of commonality is the same: I help individuals and communities turn stories into WISDOM and SONG, using my VOICE as an instrument of change.

For myself. For my sisters. For a freer, more compassionate future.

I am fascinated by what falls away when we are awestruck, to our bones. And the permission that is granted when one woman speaks UP.

I am captivated by the fact all of us on earth are literally dancing through the cosmos – we rotate and twirl around the sun, our life-giving tango partner.

I am devoted to unlocking the leadership wisdom inside each & every woman – the capacity to inspire an audience of twenty-thousand, or a departmental meeting of twelve. To stare a transgressor straight in the eye, and say, “unacceptable.” To lift human beings above & beyond concerns of budgetary constraints, timing feasibility, or party-line loyalty, and into a space of pure possibility. Action. Progress. Rhythmic momentum.

I live (& love) to perform voice blessings, create commissioned works of poetic & choral art, transform community wonder into wisdom with dekaaz, amplify coherent leadership through improvised song, and speak, chant & perform for assemblies of scientists, youth leaders, CEOs and students alike.

What do YOU live for? Let’s sing it louder.