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DEKAAZ is a new form of lucid expression:
that you create then speak out loud

a wisdom-capturing channel  |  a game of wordplay + impromptu oration
a memory trigger for community insight
a portal to new proverbs, or simply the truth!

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And your creation of Dekaaz isn’t complete until you speak it out loud to another living being.

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Dekaaz: Word Jazz for the Mind + Call to Collaboration

For left-brain logicians, it can be a portal to creative expression.
For quiet ones, it opens the doorway to leadership.
For talkative types, it is a built-in editor.
For dominant types, it is the great equalizer.

WHAT is it, exactly?

Put simply, Dekaaz is a new form of poetic expression – like a modern-day incarnation of the ancient haiku put to work in everyday life.

Each Dekaaz has ten syllables in three lines:
2 syllables in the first line
3 syllables in the second
5 syllables in the third

And your creation of Dekaaz isn’t complete until you speak it out loud.
Beyond that, there are many playful arrangements + powerful a-has!

It’s like ‘wisdom jazz’, for the mind.

You’re going to fall in love with its versatility.
And more importantly – with your voice.

WHY does it matter?

Complicated times call for clear declarations.
We need Dekaaz: a call to collaboration – not a call to arms!

Dekaaz is a powerful tool for synthesizing complex ideas into succinct, crystalline poetry.

It’s designed to allow non-poets, non-writers + non-speakers to a-r-t-i-c-u-l-a-t-e the absolute core of their meaning, in the moment. With speed. And with pleasure.

More wisdom
With more people FAST

When we play with Dekaaz in a group setting – at a community gathering, a corporate retreat, or a leadership conference – we listen with our ‘wisdom ears’ open. We catch subtle nuances. We build on ideas. We echo each other. We amplify our neighbors’ brilliance.

Dekaaz is fueled by collaboration.
And collaboration is a power we can’t afford to lose.

Be A Blessing

Become a certified Dekaaz facilitator

If you’re seeking a playful, collaborative way to draw wisdom from a group . . .
If you’re eager to lead + nurture your people in a truly collaborative style . . .
If you want to bless the world with your voice, and inspire others to do the same . . .

. . . become a certified Dekaaz facilitator.
And accelerate wisdom – ten syllables at a time.

Personalized Training. Powerful Tools.

The Dekaaz Facilitation™ certification process includes a combination of home-study, 1-on-1 coaching, and live service-work.

Want to know more?

Request an application via my contact page.