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lynn_twist“Rachel Bagby is beauty personified, she is music-disguised as a person! She appreciates and sees and hears and feels beauty and makes everyone around her see, hear, and feel it too through her voice, yes, and also merely her presence and attention to the beauty in life. This is a rare quality and it contributes greatly to having people slow down and pay attention. It is a consciousness and a profound gift that she brings everywhere she goes. Another strength is her eagerness to learn, her authenticity, her listening, and her open heart.”

~Lynne Twist,

Co-Founder, Pachamama Alliance;
Author, The Soul of Money

Scott Spann“It’s almost like it [Dekaaz] was a healthy virus…people took to it so readily that it became a common thread that wove throughout the whole experience as we moved from group to group and from conversation to conversation. We reminded ourselves how clear and simple we can be, how meaningful we can be, how powerful we can be, with very little effort…so it really was a thread that wove all the way from the beginning of the conference to the very end.”

~Scott Spann,

Founder, Innate Strategies

Nina Simons“I’m writing to tell you how utterly magnificent you were at Bioneers. And how hugely grateful we are—you completed a very challenging shamanic assignment (especially at the opening) SO magnificently. I just listened to the recording again, to see if it was as exquisite as I remembered. Your river song gifted me with tears, and then I remember…ahhhh, and it was even more so.”

~ Nina Simons,
Co-Founder and Co-CEO Bioneers

david_gershon“You did a fantastic job at all levels at the Energy Conservation Conference! You added the magic to allow this remarkable conference to touch deeper places in people and open up the right brain from which the social innovations necessary to change the game can be born.”

~David Gershon,

Founder and CEO of the Empowerment Institute


Terry Tempest Williams“What you know, we are desperate to hear, to feel, to take into our hearts. Your words, your voice in song and in poetry is utterly transformative. Each word you utter, your gaze, your body’s wisdom, the way it moves with spirit, with wind, with trees, with love – creates the open space we walk through.”

~ Terry Tempest Williams,

Author, naturalist and conservationist.

“It was difficult to commit to paper the special touch you added to our spring leadership conference. The lightness you created still shimmers in our hearts through the tangible rhythm and song we created. WOW!!! You created an atmosphere of empowerment and centering that invited us to move ourselves from our darkness to the center, towards truth and light. You are a woman truly in touch with the goddess within. Thank you seems a shallow and inadequate articulation to express the joy with which you filled the room. You brought us together in a very special way, and I am personally transformed by the experience, and I know that the students were as equally amazed and delighted by the sharing of your gifts.”
~ Lisa Waits
Mills College

Rick Ingrasci“It was palpably obvious that having that form [Dekaaz] right off the bat helped to build the community, and I’m so glad that we started the week with Rachel’s Dekaaz facilitation. It allowed people to really try to distill the essence of what they were experiencing and some of [the writing] was really very good.”

~ Rick Ingrasci,

Co-Founder of Hollyhock and co-convener
of the yearly Summer Gathering

“Thank you, dear Rachel for your gentle whispers and bold cries. Thank you for connecting me with the universe that I am. Thank you for your integrity of spirit and courage of heart for the weeping, the smiles, the eyes closed in grateful recognition of being seen and heard through your sharing. Thank you for each word, each color, each rhythm, each courageous breath of life for your songs.”

~ Dara Blue,

1-on-1 sessions and Participant
Retreat for Young Activists, Gilcrest Retreat Center

KristiNelson“I have many memories of your great creative fervor and its contagious impact. But my memory is most clear of our fabulous evening when you led the gorgeous singing for the RSF money group…who were so serious and so wandering until we found our place with you….toning, risking, diving deep into voice and vision, creating together, experiencing greater collaboration and faith than in all the previous hours of talking and talking and….we found ourselves, lightness, each other, Spirit and you…we found the moment. You are a great leader my friend, so much to bring to the awaiting world, so much love and life to offer out.”

~Kristi Nelson,

Participant – Transforming Money Conference, Institute for Noetic Sciences

Lorilyn Palmer“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and support. My body hums with the learning and laughter.”

~Lorilyn Parmer,

participant, 1-on-1 sessions and Participant Utne Evolutionary Women, The Crossings Retreat Center