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Tribe Conference Dekaazens Rock!

I’m happy dancin’ over the hundreds of dekaaz created by newly initiated Dekaazens at Jeff Goins’ Tribe Conference last week. Double-click the picture above to read some of the gems folks posted on the Dekaaz Wall o’ Wisdom.

New to Jeff Goins? He’s a NYT best-selling author of the recently released book Real Artists Don’t Starve and mentor extraordinaire, who teaches creatives how to live their message and thrive. (Get and read Jeff’s book! I’ll donate all proceeds to help people in Puerto Rico recover from the devastating storms.)

New to dekaaz? It’s a poetic form I originated that helps people hone, speak & heed quotable wisdom (especially their own) by sharing it. I made the word dekaaz up from “deka,” the Greek root for the number 10 + the letters “az” to signify the comprehensive a-through-z range of experience that can be expressed in just 10 syllables. Dekaaz are constructed like this:Tribe Conference speakers dropped practical wisdom on us all weekend. A fun way to remember it: dekaazit!

Through word and deed throughout the conference, Jeff exhorted us to connect and lift each other’s creativity up.

Gratefully, my intuition prompted me to join Jeff Goins’ Tribe Writers Pro Mastermind earlier this year.

Best. Prompt. Ever!

During our first live 1-on-1 in Franklin, TN, he invited me to consider teaching dekaaz at the Tribe Conference to help participants clarify and lift up their messages. In just 10 syllables. Out loud. Dekaaz helps creatives be really heard. Try your hand at dekaaz and see how they might help you.

Stay tuned as I curate and share more jewels from this year’s Tribe Conference.  See you there next year 😉 

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