Get Inspired to Set Your Voice Free ~ For Love. For Life.

Voice Blessings

BLESS your Voice.   SERVE the world.

We are born screaming, at the tops
of our lungs.

We learn to laugh, then speak, then sing. Some of us never stop singing.
Others are silenced – by parents, by teachers, by our own inner panel
of judges.

But silenced or not – you remain a
living song.

So, the question is: what kind
of song do you want to be?

Powerful? Calming? Rousing? Rebellious?
An anthem for the people? An unforgettable ballad?

Reclaim your birthright – your VOICE, unbound.

My next round of 1-on-1 Voice Blessings begin in November.  Only 5 spots left!
Click here & contact me now to claim your space and begin your Voice Blessing sessions.

I work 1-on-1 with women who want to use their voices as a blessing, for the benefit of everyone around them – preparing for and during birth, at church, at hospice, in the classroom, in the seventeenth story corner office suite, and everywhere in between.

Over the course of 5 sessions, we’ll explore the 5 components of a free + full out voice: Breath, Intention, Tone, Rhythm & Repetition.

We’ll explore (and debunk) the limiting beliefs you have about the quality & resonance of your voice – as well as what you think you should and should not say.

We’ll practice mindful meditation, create tailored affirmations, and develop a voice blessing practice to elevate everyday communication to the level of spoken art.

You’ll gain centering techniques to enrich your voice before presentations & speaking engagements, command attention as an intrinsic leader, and experience the pleasure of opening your voice, heart & whole body to SPEAK – instead of constricting and dampening down your brilliance.

And oh, yes — we’re going to SING, sister. Without criticism. Without curses. And without trying to emulate anyone else.

Your investment of $497 for the 5-session series includes your bonus coaching session and a bonus copy of my book, Divine Daughters: Liberating the Power and Passion of Women’s Voice.

My next round of 1-on-1 Voice Blessings begin in November.  Only 5 spots left!
Click here & contact me now to claim your space and begin your Voice Blessing sessions.

    • "Thank you for your integrity of spirit and courage of heart; for the weeping, the smiles, the eyes closed in grateful recognition of being seen and heard through your sharing." - Dara Blue
    • “You did a fantastic job at all levels…You added the magic to allow this remarkable conference to touch deeper places in people.” - David Gershon
    • “What you know, we are desperate to hear, to feel, to take into our hearts. Your words, your voice in song and in poetry is utterly transformative." - Terry Tempest Williams
    • “I’m writing to tell you how utterly magnificent you were at Bioneers. And how hugely grateful we are— you completed a very challenging shamanic assignment SO magnificently." - Nina Simons
    • “Rachel…is beauty personified, she is music-disguised as a person! She...sees and hears and feels beauty and makes everyone...see, hear, and feel it too through her voice." - Lynne Twist
    • "I’m so glad that we started the week with Rachel’s Dekaaz facilitation. It allowed people to really try to distill the essence of what they were experiencing." - Rick Ingrassi
    • “It was difficult to commit to paper the special touch you added to our spring leadership conference. The lightness you created still shimmers in our hearts...WOW!!!" - Lisa Waits
    • "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and support. My body hums with the learning and laughter.” - Lorilyn Palmer
    • "It’s almost like it [Dekaaz] was a healthy virus… We reminded ourselves how clear and simple we can be, how meaningful we can be, how powerful we can be, with very little effort." - Scott Spann