Get Inspired to Set Your Voice Free ~ For Love. For Life.

Voicing Your Power

Are You a Leader Who
Relies on Your Voice to Live Your Purpose?

Voicing Your Power

What if you could be:

deeply heard & inspire people to
world-changing action


speaking and embodying your purpose,
values and passion everywhere?

    • "Thank you for your integrity of spirit and courage of heart; for the weeping, the smiles, the eyes closed in grateful recognition of being seen and heard through your sharing." - Dara Blue
    • “You did a fantastic job at all levels…You added the magic to allow this remarkable conference to touch deeper places in people.” - David Gershon
    • “What you know, we are desperate to hear, to feel, to take into our hearts. Your words, your voice in song and in poetry is utterly transformative." - Terry Tempest Williams
    • “I’m writing to tell you how utterly magnificent you were at Bioneers. And how hugely grateful we are— you completed a very challenging shamanic assignment SO magnificently." - Nina Simons
    • “Rachel…is beauty personified, she is music-disguised as a person! She...sees and hears and feels beauty and makes everyone...see, hear, and feel it too through her voice." - Lynne Twist
    • "I’m so glad that we started the week with Rachel’s Dekaaz facilitation. It allowed people to really try to distill the essence of what they were experiencing." - Rick Ingrassi
    • “It was difficult to commit to paper the special touch you added to our spring leadership conference. The lightness you created still shimmers in our hearts...WOW!!!" - Lisa Waits
    • "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and support. My body hums with the learning and laughter.” - Lorilyn Palmer
    • "It’s almost like it [Dekaaz] was a healthy virus… We reminded ourselves how clear and simple we can be, how meaningful we can be, how powerful we can be, with very little effort." - Scott Spann